Now, make me yours

We get it: you’re not a programmer. Or yes, you are, but you don’t want to complicate your life. Don’t suffer. With Nerea you can configure everything you need to make your own theme without typing a single code line.

Your own logo, in Retina®

Dress up Nerea with your own logo. Upload a Retina Display® version, with double resolution, for a clear and sharp experience on any device. And if you don’t have a logo, let Nerea makes you one with the name and the tagline of your site. You can even upload your favicon via theme customizer!

Choose your menu

Set the navigation multi-level menu and make drop-down items. The menu will look different according to the device you use to navigate, but it will always be complete and easy to use.

Two colors, endless combinations

Using the theme customizer panel and its color picker you can choose any color as background for the header, sidebar and footer of the site. In addition you can also set a complementary color used for accented elements, such as links and buttons.

Many widgets? No problem

By default, Nerea sidebar is fixed on your screen, so you can keep the menu handy. Nerea shows as many widgets as will fit on the screen, and hides all others. But what if you want to show your 25 favorite widgets? On the theme customizer panel you can find a checkbox to make the sidebar scrolls with the screen, like a classic website. Room for everyone!

For you, or for all your friends

Maybe you are building your own blog. Or maybe you run a multi-author magazine. Using the theme customizer you decide whether each article shows next to it a mini-card with a photo and information about the author, including the Twitter user name.

Optionally folding comments

By default, the comment block bellow any post or page will be always visible. But maybe you want comments and comment form to be hidden until the user click on “Comments”. Done.


Theme settings: Logo

Logo settings

Theme settings: Colors

Color settings

Theme Settings: sidebar color

Sidebar color customization

Layout settings

Layout settings